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Mayweather TKOs Tenshin in exhibition match

Floyd Mayweather scored a first-round stoppage over Tenshin Nasukawa in Japan.

Floyd Mayweather made quick work of Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, flooring him three times before the corner threw in the towel during the first round of their three-round exhibition fight.

Though Tenshin tried to use his impressive hand speed to land combinations, they simply had no power against the much larger Mayweather who came forward and unloaded with hooks and straight rights.

About a minute into the fight, Floyd through a right that seemed to graze Tenshin, but sent him flopping to the canvas. Thirty seconds later, Mayweather landed a right uppercut that almost knocked Tenshin’s head off and sent him down again.

After getting up, Tenshin went after Mayweather, but Floyd landed a straight right to the forehead that put Tenshin down again, flailing around like a fish out of water. Tenshin strugged to get to his feet, after which his corner decided to throw in the towel to end the embarrassing display.

“I want to say thank you to Tenshin. It’s all about entertainment,” Mayweather said, afterward.”This don’t go on my record. This don’t go on Tenshin’s record. Tenshin is still undefeated. I’m still undefeated. This was just entertainment for the people.”

“I’m still retired,” reiterated Mayweather. “I don’t look forward to coming back to boxing,” Mayweather said. “But, you know, I did this just to entertain the fans in Japan. They wanted this to happen over here in Japan, so I said why not. So once again, I’m still retired. I’m still 50-0. Tenshin is still undefeated. He’s still a true champion. “

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