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Cageside with Raymundo: GBP hosts Ortiz-Liddell 3

Photo: Tom Hogan-Hoganphotos / Golden Boy Promotions

One week ago, Golden Boy Promotions jumped into the sport of mixed martial arts and overall put out a quality product at The Forum in Los Angeles, California that was highlighted by MMA legends Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell engaging in a trilogy match. 

Although it was a quick and definitive win ending inside of one round for Ortiz, as Liddell seemed lethargic and no longer capable of competing at his top form, the night was filled with action and an atmosphere befitting a grand scalefight with an announced crowd of 7,839. 

An enormous 16 bout fight card featured both amateur and professional MMA boutswhich served as a great audition for amateurs looking to transition to theprofessional ranks, and in front of a Southern California based company withthe financial backing of GBP owner Oscar De La Hoya.

Fight after fight and submission after submission, the winners of their contests would single out the logo of the event, grabbing the mic and mentioning the Hall of Fame boxer by name.  “Hey Oscar, I just knocked out your guy, sign me,” were the basic notations from the victors of some bouts.

The direct, WWE like callouts were reminiscent of what UFC fighters for years have done to Dana White following their fights, asking for the CEO to pit them against bigger foes for bigger money, or even to be signed to a contract.

Celebrities were scattered throughout the crowd and singled out by the nights MC, Joe Martinez.  Amongst the crowd were Mickey Rourke, Steve-O of Jackass fame, Taylor Laughtner, Michael Pena, Michael JaiWhite (Spawn), Mario Lopez, Wiz Khalifa and a host of current MMA fighters that this boxing writer cannot name because, well, I cover boxing. 

UFC star Daniel Cormier milled around the crowd and posed for pictures with fans in what was a positive showing for a new MMA outfit looking to make their mark in the sport. 


 The continuing De La Hoya/White saga was turned up a notch following the domination of Liddell.  White felt personally affected by the loss, noting that in addition to being in business with Liddell for decades, he also considers himself a personal friend of Liddell’s and believes that the California State Athletic Commission shouldn’t have sanctioned the bout, and DeLa Hoya should not have profited off it.

A few days passed until De La Hoya responded to White’s comments, which is sure to keep this rivalry heated heading into 2019.

De La Hoya is a former boxer and White looks to be in considerable shape.

How about a grudge match in a boxing ring? Or a cage? 

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