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Ringside With Raymundo: The Mathematics of Loma

Snaps: Raymundo Dioses

At the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, Vasyl Lomachenko once again displayed the skills and attributes of a fighter who has proven that not only is he a student of the game, at this point he is in a masterclass of his own.

Just as in previous fights, media coverage his provided insight into how Team Lomachenko adds previously unseen fight training techniques in order to enhance his already supremely gifted skillset. Lomachenko has tested himself with punching the correctly numbered tennis ball when thrown in the air, performed ‘soduku’ like erase-board tests, and with his most recent preparation, held his breath under water for multiple minutes, only to do it again and try to beat his best time. One fan even asked me during the night if I saw previous footage of Lomachenko walking on his knuckles. Yep, sure did.

Everything was on display against Anthony Crolla, who served as much as a 100-1 underdog on fight night. Lomachenko studied Crolla in the outset, then proceeded to pawn, rook, knight and queen his way into a fourth round stoppage in defense of his WBO belt.

It has been quite some time since we’ve seen a high profile face-plant in boxing, as Crolla hit the deck from the Lomachenko combination. Referee Jack Reiss started to count, yet saw Crolla’s condition and waived off matters at :58 of the fourth frame.
It’s almost reminiscent of audibly hearing Gennady Golovkin’s body punches landing in thudding fashion, or watching Roman Gonzalez pivot gracefully and utilize precise punch placement and footwork, because in watching Lomachenko, one can almost see him defeating an opponent without punches. The Ukranian’s mind is working just as swiftly as his punches.

There has been much talk, as there always is, of a victor’s next opponent. Will he test himself? Will he take a soft outing the next time, or take on the best opponent available? The unfortunate thing in the boxing game is the months long wait for our favorite fighter’s next fight.

Yet with Lomachenko, I believe it best to not think about the next destination; instead, boxing fans should sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Mathematics of Lomachenko are truly something to behold.

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